In the days of yore, when the time to expect something, it can be realized, there was a King who have daughters who are very beautiful, and the youngest daughter was so beautiful that the sun itself sees beauty youngest daughter became hesitant to shine. Near the palace lies a dark wood forests and lush, and in the forest, beneath an old tree that has heart-shaped leaves, lies a well, and when the weather is hot, the youngest daughter of King frequently into the woods to sit on the edge of the cold well, and if the time was long and tedious, he will issue a gold ball, threw it up and catch it again, this becomes a princess entertainment to pass the time.

One time, the gold ball was played out and thrown threw up, the gold ball slipped from the king's daughter's hand and fell on the ground near the well and then tumbled into the well. Princess's eyes can only look at the ball is sliding into a deep well, so it until the bottom of the well out of sight. Princess began to weep, and weep as though nothing could comfort her again. In the midst of her crying she listened to a voice saying to him,

"What makes you so sad, the Princess? Your tears can melt hearts made of stone."

And when the princess saw the sound source from which it originates, no one is looking, just a frog the size of an ugly stuck his head out of the water.

"Oh, ye who speaks?" said the princess; "I weep because my golden ball slipped and fell into the well."

"Do not worry, do not cry," answered the frog, "I can help you, but what can you give me if I could take the gold ball?"

"Whatever you want," he said; "dress, pearls and jewelry wherever you want, or a gold crown that I wear this."

"Clothes, pearls, jewels and gold crown mu is not for me," answered the frog; "If only you liked me, and regard me as a friend to play, and let me sit at your desk, and eat from your plate, and drink from your glass, and sleep in your bed, - if you promise to do all this, I would dive to the bottom of the well and get the gold ball to you. "

"Yes of course," replied the princess; "I promise I will do all that you ask if you want to get my golden ball."

But the princess was thinking, "shit what was said by this frog! As if the frog is able to do what is requested in addition to koak-koak with other frogs, how she could be a companion to someone."

But the frog was, when I heard the princess say she promised, to pull her head back into the epidermis and began to dive, after a while he came back surface of the gold ball on her mouth and threw it onto the grass.

Daughter of the king became very happy to see his toys back, and he took it quickly and ran away.

"Stop, stop!" cried the frog; "take me away too, I can not run as fast as you!"

But it was not useful because the princess was not willing to listen to and accelerate the flight home, and quickly forget the incident with the frog, which go back into the well.

The next day, when the daughter of the King was sitting at the dinner table and eat with the king and his ministers in gold plate, the sound of something jumping up and down the stairs, and then heard a knock on the door and a voice that said "Princess of the youngest king , let me go! "

King was the youngest daughter was then walked to the door and opened the door, when he saw a frog that sits outside, she closed the door again quickly and in a hurry to sit back in his chair with a feeling of anxiety. King is aware of the change said,

"My son, what are you afraid of? Is there a giant standing outside the door and ready to take you away?"

"Oh .. no," she answered; "there is no giant, only the ugly frog."
"And what did the frog ask?" asked the King.

"Oh daddy," she replied, "when I'm sitting in the well yesterday and played with the gold ball, the ball dropped down the well, and when I cried for losing the gold ball, a frog came and promised to fetch the ball with the terms that I will leave it with me, but I think that he is unlikely to leave the water and came to me, now he is outside the door, and wanted to come to me. "

And then they all heard a second knock at the door again and said,

"King of the youngest princess, open the door for me!, What have you promised me? The youngest princess, open the door for me!"

"What you have promised must you keep," said the King; "now let him go."
When she opened the door, the frog jumped in, followed continued until the daughter was sitting back in his chair. Then he stopped and pleaded, "Take me so I can sit down with you."

But the daughter of the king did not heed these frogs until the King ordered him back. When the frog was sitting in a chair, he requested that he be raised above the table, and there he said,

"Now can you draw closer to your eating plate, so that we can eat together."

And the daughter of the King is doing what is asked by the frog, but all can see that the princess was only forced to do so.

"I feel pretty now," said the frog in the end, "and I feel very tired, you should take me to your room, I'll sleep in your bed."

Then the king's daughter began to cry to imagine the cold frog was sleeping in his bed clean. Now the King with anger said to his daughter,

"You are the daughter of the King and what you have promised must you meet."

Now the daughter of the King lift the frog with his hands, took him to his room upstairs and put it on the corner of the room, and when the princess started to lie down to sleep, frog came and said, "I am now tired and wanted to sleep like you, lift me above your bed
, or I will report it to your father. "

The princess became very angry, picked up the frog up and threw it into the wall, crying,

"Shut up you ugly toad!"

But when the frog fell to the floor, she changed from a frog into a person who is very handsome prince. At that time the prince also told all the events they experience, how a witch has made a curse to the prince, and no one can remove the curse it except the princess who has been destined to work together to reign in his kingdom.

With the approval of the King, they were both married and then came a golden carriage drawn by eight horses and accompanied by the Prince Henry's loyal servant to bring the Princess and the Prince to his own kingdom. When the train started carrying them, the prince was listening to sound like there is a fracture in the back of the train.
At that time the Prince immediately said to Henry's faithful servant, "Henry, the wheels of the train may be broken!", But Henry replied, "The wheel train is not broken, only the chains that bind my heart is broken, I finally could get rid of this bond."

Apparently Henry's faithful servant had tied her with chains when the prince was cursed into a frog for to share the suffering experienced by the Prince, and now the chain has been lost because his heart was very happy to see the prince was freed from the curse.

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